August 19, 2022

B.E. 2368 corresponds to the A.D. 1825. It is a normal year of the Suratin where the first day is Saturday. according to the Gregorian calendar and is a regular year in which the first day is a Thursday in the Julian calendar.


Thai Monarchs: King Rama V (21 July 1824 - 2 April 1851) Department of the Bowon Sathan Mongkhon Palace: Somdet Phra Bowonraj Chao Maha Sakdipolsep monarch: Ruler of Lamphun: King Lamphunchai Ruler of Lampang: King Duangthip Emperor of China: Emperor Daokuang (3 October 1820 - 25 February 1850) US President: James Monroe (4 March 1817 - 4 March 1825) John Quincy Adams (4 March 1825 - 4 March 1829) King of the United Kingdom: King George IV of the United Kingdom (29 January 1820 - 26 June 1830) French Monarchs: Charles X of France (16 September 1824 - 2 August 1830) Spanish Monarchs: Fernando VII of Spain (11 December 1813 - 29 September 1833)


July 30: British naval commanders discover Malden Island. (now one of the Line Islands of Kiribati) August 6 - Bolivia gains independence from Peru and becomes a republic. August 25 - Uruguay declares independence from Brazil. September 7 - Brazil gains independence from Portugal.

date unknown

His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun has accepted Wat Chakrawat Rachawat Woramahawihan. a royal monastery Discover Aluminum Brisbane city was established Australia Thai Saen Wee, Muang Phong, Kengtung to the Burmese Kingdom This event happened during the reign of King Rama III (Rama 3).


May 4 - Thomas Henry Huxley