November 28, 2021

B.E. 2486 corresponds to the year of Christendom 1943. It is a normal year that the first day of the day is Friday accordingly. Gregorian calendar and is Year of the Goat, Benjasaka, Chulalongkorn 1305 (April 16th is the solemn day)


King: His Majesty King Ananda Mahidol Phra Attharamathibodinthorn (2 March 1935 - 9 June 1946) Prince of Nakhon Pradesh : (Lamphun) Chak Khamkhachonsak (1911 - 5 November 1943) Prime Minister: Field Marshal Por Phibulsongkhram (16 December 1938 - 1 August 1944)


January 15 - The Pentagon is built. January 25 - Japan withdraws troops from Papua. February 2 - Established "Kasetsart University" Established "University of Medicine" (currently Mahidol University) March 2 - Start of the Battle of the Bismarck Sea. Japan experienced great damage in that naval battle. August 1 - The Japanese invade Burma successfully. August 14 - Sri Lanka Southeast Asia Headquarters established as a Buddhist force to expel Japan from Southeast Asia. August 20 - Japan agrees to sign for Thailand to reunite with the United States of America. (Kengtung and Muang Phuan in Shan State) and the four Malai states are Thai territories. October 12 - the establishment of "Silpakorn University"

Ongoing events

World War II Second Sino-Japanese War



January 3 - Thanin Inthathep, Luk Krung singer January 4 - Wiranid Charoenmuang, 9th Thai OPBF Champion January 5 – Ramon Sampedro, Spanish writer (died 12 January 1995) January 7 - Sadako Sasaki, Japanese girl (died October 25, 1955) January 8 - Her Royal Highness Princess Norodom Buppha Devi, daughter of King Norodom Sihanouk (died 18 May)

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