October 19, 2021

B.E. 2490 corresponds to the year 1947. It is a normal year in which the first day is a Wednesday in the Gregorian calendar and is Year of the Pig, Noppok Chulalongkorn 1309 (April 16th is the solemn day)

Leader of Thailand

King: His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great (9 June 1946 – 13 October 2016) Prime Minister: Thawan Thamrongnawasawat (23 August 1946 – 8 November 1947) Major Khuang Aphaiwong (9 November 1947 – 8 April 1948)


February 12 - Burmese, Shan, Sheen and Kachin representatives sign the Pang Luang Agreement to form a union. Each group can become independent after 10 years of incorporation. April 1 - Thai-Malay leaders meet in Pattani and present seven requests to the government. June 4 - Establishment date of the Faculty of Medicine. Chulalongkorn University August 14 - Pakistan declares independence. September 18 - Founder of Rittiyawannalai School November 8 - Coup d'etat in Thailand, 1947: Lt. Gen. Pin Choonhavan seized power of the government. Police Lieutenant General Thawan Thamrongnawasawat Prime Minister November 20 - Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom He was married to Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark. It was later established after Princess Elizabeth. ascended to the throne as Duke of Edinburgh and changed his name and title to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. December 14 - Santiago Bernabeu Stadium opens for the first time. December 31 - The Argentina national football team wins the 20th South American National Football Championship in Guayaquil. Ecuador



January 1 Chalerm Rongkapalin, Thai writer Thongchai Suphasamuk Nak

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