November 27, 2021

The year 1970 corresponds to the year 1970. It is a regular year in which the first day is Thursday in the Gregorian calendar and is Year of the Dog Tosako Chulacaracha 1332 (16th April is the solemn day)

Leader of Thailand

King: His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great (9 June 1946 – 13 October 2016) Prime Minister: Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn (9 December 1963 – 17 November 1971)


February 10 - Terrorists attack an EIAI airline at Bavaria airport. Germany One person was killed, the Palestinian national rescue movement claimed responsibility. February 16 - The Sudan national football team wins the 7th Africa National Football Championship in Sudan. February 27 - Dusit Thani Hotel start operating March 26 - Thai color TV station, Channel 3, started broadcasting for the first time. April 1 - The College of Physical Education joins as a branch of the College of Education known as the College of Physical Education. April 11 - Apollo 13 enters space for a moon landing mission. April 14 - The oxygen tanks aboard Apollo 13 explode in mid-space. More than two hundred thousand kilometers from Earth, making it impossible to land on the moon And the three astronauts in the spaceship may not be able to return to Earth. April 17 - Apollo 13 astronauts James Lowell (James A Lovell), John L Swigert (John L Swigert) and Fred W Haise (Fred W Haise) successfully return to Earth by A craft prepared for landing on the moon. April 24 - China launches Dongfanghong 1, China's first satellite into space. May 9 - Vietnam War: 75,000 - 100,000 Americans rally against the post-White House war in Washington, D.C. May 28 - Mahawi

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