July 3, 2022

Football (English: association football) or soccer (English: soccer) is a team sport played between two teams. With each team of 11 players using the ball, it is widely regarded as the most popular sport in the world and is played on long (rectangular) or artificial turf. with a goal in the center at the end of the field on both sides The goal is to score points by driving the soccer ball into the opponent's goal. in general play The goalkeeper shall be the only player who can use his/her hand or arm with the ball provided that he is prohibited from going outside the penalty area or the 25-yard box in front of the goal. Other players use their feet to kick the soccer ball to the desired location. Sometimes the body or head may be used to intercept the soccer ball in mid-air. The team that gets more balls into the opposing team's goal is the winner. If the scores are equal, it is considered a draw. But in some games that are tied at regular intervals and want to find a winner, extra time is required. and/or penalty shoot-out depending on the rules of the tournament By the rules of modern play will be compiled in England by the English Football Association in the year 1863 created the rules of football to guide the rules of play today. Football at the international level is regulated by FIFA. The most prestigious international competition is the World Cup, which takes place every four years.

Football Rules

In football there are 17 main international rules that are used in football all over the world. The rules may be modified somewhat for children's soccer and women's soccer, 90-120 meters long and 70-90 meters wide.