Costa Concordia Disaster


January 24, 2022

Costa Concordia Disaster The Costa Concordia cruise ship capsized near the island of Jiglio. Off the coast of Tuscany, Italy Born on Friday night, January 13, 2012, the search for survivors required a bomb to penetrate the Costa Concordia cruise ship. so that the officers can enter the deep inside the ship And the search for the deceased was discontinued on January 31, 2012 due to technical studies. by the Italian Civil Protection Agency It was found that further searches would pose a high risk to the rescuers. An earlier search found 17 casualties on the ship, but rescuers will continue to monitor the water surface. and continue to use special equipment to detect bodies on the seafloor in a radius of 18 kilometers As for the cause of the incident, the shipowner company stated that The cause was due to the negligence of the captain of the ship that caused the ship to crash into the rock.


stop searching for survivors use bombs to dredge ships find the deceased

Other Resources

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