December 3, 2021

munich tragedy It happened on February 6, 1958, when British European Airways Flight 609 crashed onto the runway at Munich-Ream Airport in Munich, West Germany. The aircraft was the one that the players of Manchester United. The outfit that was dubbed the "Busbee Babes" was on board. 23 of the 44 passengers were killed in the incident, eight of whom were Manchester United players. The rest of the bodies were club officials, fans and journalists, and three others were injured in hospital.

Behind the scenes




Ken Rayment, co-pilot (died in hospital 3 weeks later) Tom Cable, Airplane Stewart


Manchester United player Jeff Bent Roger Byrne Eddie Coleman Duncan Edwards (died in hospital 15 days later) Mark Jones David Pegg Tommy Taylor Liam Whelan, Manchester United coach Walter Cricker, club secretary Tom Curry, Coach Bert Valley, head coach Alf Clarke, Manchester Evening Chronicle Don Davies, Manchester Guardian George Fallow, Daily Herald Tom Jackson, Manchester Evening News Archie Ledbrook, Daily Mirror Henry Rose, Daily Express Frank Swift, News of the World (Before that was the England national team goalkeeper and Manchester City, died en route to hospital) Eric Thompson, Daily Mail Other Passenger Bela Miklas, Tour Agent Willie Satinof, fans and friends

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