Thai language


July 3, 2022

Thai or Central Thai is a language in the Thai language group. which is a sub-group of the Kha-Tai language family and is the official language and the national language of Thailand It is assumed that this language family originated from southern China. and some linguists suggest that Thai language seems to be related to the Austro-Asiatic language family. Austronesian language family and the Chinese-Tibetan family Thai is a language with the same exact tone or tone as Chinese. and pronounced word-for-word Thai language first appeared in the year 1826 by King Ramkhamhaeng. And appeared internationally and used in official work on March 31, 1933 with the establishment of the Office of the Royal Thai Academy and reforming the Thai language, B.E. 2485



Thai is a sub-branch of the Kra-Tai language family. Thai language is closely related to other languages ​​of the Southwestern Tai family such as Lao, Phutai, Kham Muang, and other Tai languages, as well as other Tai languages ​​such as Zhuang, Mao Nan, Pu Yi, etc. Lai, spoken by indigenous peoples from Hainan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Guizhou, and Yunnan to northern Vietnam. It is assumed that the origin of the Thai language is probably from that area. Around the 13th-15th Buddhist century, there was an immigration of Tai language speakers from southern China. to Southeast Asia by bringing down the Tai language group as well The language spoken by these Tai people has been traced back to the original Southwestern Tai language. which was later influenced by the Austro Asiatic language family spoken by the Austroasiatic (Mon