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May 28, 2022

Provincial Administrative Regions (simplified Chinese: 省级行政区; county) Traditional Chinese: 省級行政區; Pinyin: Shěng-jí xíngzhèng qū), or First Level Administrative Region (Simplified Chinese: 一级行政区; ) Traditional Chinese: 一級行政區; Pinyin: yī-jí xíngzhèng qū) is the highest-level administrative region of the People's Republic of China, with a total of 34 territories classified into 23 provinces (Chinese: 省; ). Pinyin: shěng), 4 direct administrative cities, 5 autonomous regions, and 2 special administrative regions. The political status of Taiwan and a small part of Fujian Province remains disputed. which is under the rule of the Republic of China All provinces in mainland China All provinces (including Hainan) will have a Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China (Chinese: 省委; ). Pinyin: shěngwěi), led by the secretary-general (Chinese: 书记; Pinyin: shūjì), in which the party committee secretary has more power to administer the province than the provincial governor (Chinese: 省长/直辖市长/自治区长; ) Pinyin: shěng zhǎng/ zhí xiá shì zhǎng/ zì zhì qū zhǎng)

List of counties at the county level


The People's Republic of China consists of 22 provinces (省 shěng cheng), but 23 counties, including Taiwan.

Dispute Area

Autonomous Region

The Autonomous Region (自治區/自治区 zìzhìqū) is a provincial-level administrative region. ruled by a minority There are currently 5 autonomous regions.

Direct governing city

The direct governing city (直轄市/直辖市 zhíxiáshì zhixia) of China is a large city. and has a government equivalent to that of a county There are currently 4 cities in total.

Special Administrative Region

Currently, China has two Special Administrative Regions, both of which were former Western colonies.

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