August 19, 2022

Coconut is a perennial plant. It is in the palm family (Arecaceae) and is the only living species of the genus Cocos. Coconut is a plant that can be used in many ways, such as water and edible young coconut flesh. The pulp of the mature fruit is grated and squeezed to make coconut milk. Coconut shells are used to invent things such as dippers, lanterns, etc. In addition, coconuts are classified as a kind of auspicious plant. According to the royal textbook of Brahmachat Has determined to plant coconuts in the east of the house. for prosperity

General characteristics

Coconut is a perennial plant. Leaves are composed of feathers. The fruit consists of the epicarp, the outer shell, and the inner mesocarp, or coir. Next, inside is the endocarp. or coconut shell Which has three dark holes for germination, next to the endocarp is the endosperm. also known as coconut meat Inside the coconut there is coconut water, which coconut water is formed by the endosperm of the coconut, which has both solid and liquid endosperm, that is, the solid endosperm is the flesh of the coconut. And the whole endosperm will be coconut water. which when the coconut is old The endosperm will then suck up all the coconut water. while the coconut is still young endosperm layer (Coconut meat) Inside the fruit is thin and soft. There is coconut water inside. In this period, we tend to bring coconuts down to eat water and meat. when the coconut is old This can be observed from the outer shell starting to turn brown. The endosperm layer becomes thicker and harder. until the coconut finally fell from the tree

Botanical characteristics

Coconut, scientific name Cocos nucifera L., belongs to the Palmae family.