rome mosque


October 20, 2021

The Rome Mosque (Italian: Moschea di Roma) is a mosque in Parioli, Rome, Italy, and is the largest mosque in the Western world in terms of usable space, with a size of 30,000 m2 (320,000 sq ft) and a capacity of 12,000 people. It is also home to the Italian Center for Islamic Culture (Italian: Centro Culturale Islamico d'Italia). The mosque was co-founded by Mohammad Hassan, a refugee prince of Afghanistan and his wife, under the financial support of Faisal of Saudi Arabia, the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, the Guards of the Two Holy Mosques. and Bangladesh by President Hussain Muhammad Ershad. Construction was carried out by designs directed by Paolo Portoghesi, with Pope John Paul II present at the mosque's opening ceremony. Construction and planning took more than ten years. Since the Rome City Council donated the land in 1974 When the construction of the mosque was announced, there were a number of protesters against the construction. However, ever since Pope John Paul II performed a rite of blessing from God for protection and assistance in the construction of the mosque. The opposition gradually faded. Another controversy in the construction was the height of the minarets, with many concerned that it could affect Rome's landscape. It was later reduced to a height that was only slightly lower than the dome of St. Peter's Basilica in Vanican.


The structure of the mosque was built in harmony with the surrounding green landscape. and combines modern architectural design with the curves that appear throughout the mosque. The design also emphasizes

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