Mishima Yukio


December 3, 2021

Mishima Yukio (Japanese: 三島 由紀夫; Romaji: Mishima Yukio) is the pen name of Hiraoka Kimitake (Japanese: 平岡 公威; Romaji: Hiraoka Kimitake; 14 January 1925 - 25 November 1970) was a Japanese poet and writer. Has been recognized as one of the authors whose works are recognized. Yukio has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature three times, and was nearly awarded the prize in 1968 (but Kawabata Yasunari won it instead).


Mishima Yukio, born as Hiraoka Kimitake, was born in 1925 to a family of samurai ancestors. when I was a child Yukio lived with his grandmother until 1937, he moved back with his family. Yukio is a good student. and interested in western literature His writings have been published since he was in high school. when studying law at the University of Tokyo He switched to the pen name "Mishima Yukio" to hide his age. After graduating, Yukio worked in the Ministry of Finance. but later resigned to write a novel He had the idea to revive the "Bushido" and oppose the western development of Japan. Yukio believed in extreme nationalism and had the idea of ​​restoring Emperor Showa to supremacy in Japan. to express responsibility for Japan's loss of World War II with western influence especially during the Japanese occupation and after the signing of the San Francisco Treaty Thus began to gather people until on November 25, 1970, Yukio and four others invaded the Japanese Self-Defense Forces headquarters. Take the commander hostage and incites the army to coup, but it doesn't work, so Yukio

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