european football association union


November 27, 2021

Union of European Football Associations or UEFA (UEFA; Abroad, except Thailand, known as the UEFA [juː'eɪfə] or Uefa [uː'eɪfə]) is the governing body for football in Europe. It manages football teams, prize money, rules and regulations as well as football broadcast rights. UEFA was founded on 15 June 1954 in Basel. Switzerland



Former Member

Tsar - Member from 1954–1956 East Germany - Member from 1954–90 USSR - Member from 1954–1991 Yugoslavia - Member from 1954–1992 Serbia and Montenegro - Member 1992–2006

Not a member

greenland Monaco united kingdom Vatican City

Current member inherited from past teams

A national team that has become in the past due to the dissolution of the country or the separation of the country's territory. West Germany - Successor team: Germany (using West Germany between 1950-1990 before reunification with East Germany) East Germany - Successor team: Germany (using East Germany between 1952-1990 before reunification with West Germany) Ireland - Successor teams: Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland (formerly Ireland since 1922, separating from the United Kingdom. Later it was established Republic of Ireland also use the name But the Northern Territory is still part of the United Kingdom. Subsequently, FIFA pressured them to split up to send teams. Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland decisively since 1953) Soviet Union - The successor team is the Commonwealth of Independent States due to

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