uefa super cup


November 28, 2021

UEFA Super Cup (English: UEFA Super Cup; Original title: European Super Cup (English: European Super Cup) is a European club football game. in august Before the new season of European club football begins. It will be a competition between the winners of the UEFA Champions League or European Cup. with the winning team of the UEFA Europa League or the UEFA Cup (Previously, it was a team that won the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup. But when the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup was abolished in 1999, thus granting this right to the UEFA Europa League winners instead) in the preceding season. The most successful team of this show is AC. Milan from Italy and Barcelona from Spain who is a 5 time winner


uefa super cup or European Super Cup The competition first began in 1972. The initiator was Anton Whitkamp, ​​a journalist and sporting director for the De Telegraph newspaper in the Netherlands. This idea started when Dutch Total Football was becoming very popular in Europe. And are in the golden age of clubs from the Netherlands. by Whit Camp proposed to lead the team to the European Cup winners Come meet the winning team of the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup. when everything is ready A new tournament is coming up, however, the idea of ​​seeing this tournament It is the official tournament of the Whitcamp. has been rejected by the president of UEFA but still This cup is still confirmed to continue the competition. It is a home-away competition. financially supported by the newspaper de Telegraph that Ajax beat Rangers Successfully won the first championship after that �

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