uefa champions league


December 3, 2021

UEFA Champions League (English: UEFA Champions League; Formerly known as: European Cup: European Cup) is a football competition between different clubs within Europe. Organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), the competition was first started in 1955 but changed to its current name in 1992, with teams ranked 1-3 in each league. will automatically go to the race The 4th place will go to the play-off final, depending on the standards of each league as well according to the UEFA League Points Ranking. The tournament will bring together the teams with the most cumulative scores in each of the top leagues in each European country. by considering out the quota of each league English Premier League La Liga from Spain Serie A from Italy and Bundesliga from Germany. There is a quota of four teams, the French Ligue 1 There are quotas of three teams, etc. The club with the most wins is Real Madrid (Spain, 13 times), second place is AC Milan (Italy, 7 times), third place is Liverpool (England, 6 times), Bayern Munich (Germany, 6 times) In fourth place is Barcelona (Spain, 5 times). Clubs that have won 3 consecutive titles or won 5 times will receive trophies for the club's ownership. As with other UEFA trophies, Real Madrid went on (1958), Ajax (1973), Bayern Munich (1958). 1976), AC Milan (1994), Liverpool (2005), Barcelona (2015) In the latest 2020-21 season, the winning club is Chelsea and is the second European club champions in the competition, beating Manchester City 1-0 after 90 minutes in the final.


The tournament is known as the European Champion Club's Cup.

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