Lockheed U-2


October 18, 2021

The Lockheed U-2 (English: Lockheed U-2) The U-2 is an aircraft designed to fly at altitudes above 21,000 meters. It looks like a motorized glider. Long wings, thin body to reduce weight and the engine can operate in light air. The U-2 is an espionage aircraft designed to fly at ultra-high altitude and is one of the top secret planes of the United States. May 1960, the United States Air Force and the CIA used the U-2 to fly into other countries such as the People's Republic of China, Cuba, Vietnam and other communist countries. with an exceptionally high flying ceiling that was higher than a typical fighter jet during the Cold War.

Details U-2

Founder of Lockheed Aircraft Service (USA) Type: Strategic patrol jet, high flying ceiling, single seat The Pratt & Whitney J 57-C turbojet engine delivers 4,990 kg of thrust. Spread wings 24.38 meters Length 15.11 meters 3.96 meters high Empty weight 6,800 kg. Maximum speed 795 km/h Travel speed 740 km/h The flying ceiling is more than 21,350 meters. Flying range 3,540 kilometers 4,185 kilometers when installing spare fuel weapons not armed


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