Robert Capa


November 27, 2021

Robert Capa (UK: Robert Capa, 22 October 1913 – 25 May 1954), born Andre Herne Friedmann (Hungarian: Endre Ernő Friedmann), was a photographer. Hungarian-American war and photojournalist Considered one of the greatest war and adventure photographers in history, as a teenager, Kapa escaped political repression in Hungary to Berlin and attended school there. Hitler's rise to power Capa moved to Paris and joined Gerda Taro, a German-Jewish photographer. Capa served in five wars, including the Spanish Civil War. Second Sino-Japanese War World War II in Europe 1948 Arab–Israeli War and the First Indochina War and has been published in many major magazines and newspapers Capa was the only civilian photographer to participate in the Omaha Beach landing in Normandy. and records the events of World War II in London, North Africa, Italy, and the liberation of Paris. 1947: General Gwight D. Eisenhower awarded Kapa the Medal of Freedom for his World War II photographs. In the same year, Kapa co-founded Magnum Photos. The first independent worldwide photojournalist cooperative.


Robert Capa was born Andre Herne Friedmann to a Jewish family in Budapest in 1913, the son of Daeje. Friedmann and Julia Berkovits Capa have an older brother, Laslo Friedmann, and a younger brother, Cornel Capa. At the age of 18, Capa was accused of communism and had to flee. Escape from Hungary to Berlin There, Kapar studied at the University of Berlin and

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