English football league system


December 3, 2021

English football league system Refers to the system in English club football. It consists of competitions between clubs at different levels, which are connected through promotion and relegation.


Each league has an official name. and in higher leagues, there will be a sponsor's name. A tier from level 5 and below is called a "step" or non-league, with level 5 being called "step 1" and level 6 being called "step 2" and so on. respectively In each league there is a system of promotion and relegation that are linked in consecutive rankings. The successful team will be promoted to the top of the rankings. And teams ranked lower in the table each season will be relegated to the next lower league. In theory, amateur teams can climb from the bottom of the league and become Premier League champions. But in reality, promotion in each league has a different system. both in the number of promoted teams Conditions for promotion team readiness and the readiness of the team's finances Currently, in addition to the top 5 teams, competitions are held on an equal footing in several leagues. by region And each league is divided into several divisions. In the lower leagues, there are also many leagues that are organized without affiliates as well.

League System


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