Crusades State


November 28, 2021

Crusader states are a group of lordly states formed by Western European Crusades around the 12th–13th centuries in Anatolia, Greece, and the Holy Land. (Ancient and modern Israel and in Palestine), but ultimately Islamic power in the Middle East conquered all of these states. The Crusades also refer to other territories acquired by the Medieval Church. (mostly small and short-lived states) to protect Muslims and other pagan territories as well.


While "Reconquista", the Iberian Peninsula's territorial struggle back from centuries of continuous Arab rule, fits the definition of a teacher's war. sed But it is not customary to refer to the city-states or the various Catholic kingdoms that it has acquired as. "State of the Crusades" in addition to the Kingdom of Valencia.


The first four Crusades were established in the Levant immediately after the First Crusade, including: Antiquity It was founded in 1098 and prospered until 1144. Antioch It was founded in 1098 and flourished until 1268. Kingdom of Tripoli It was founded in 1104, conquered Tripoli in 1109, and flourished until 1289. Kingdom of Jerusalem It was founded in 1099 and flourished until 1291 when Acre was lost to the Muslims. The Kingdom of Jerusalem has four subordinate states and lordships: kingdom of galilee Kingdom of Jaffa and Ascalon Land of Lords of Otter Jordan Land of the Lords of Sai

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