tang dynasty


January 24, 2022

Tang Dynasty (1161-1233 A.D. 1248-1450) This dynasty brought great prosperity to China. Both in the arts, culture, and many other areas, Liuan has established himself as a Emperor Gaozhu Tang After the land was unified There was a tussle for the crown prince's position. between sons Li Jiancheng, Li Shimin and Li Yuanji That Li Shimin very good Due to many victories, later, Tang Gaozu abdicated the throne. Set yourself up as Tai Chang Huang. The Tang dynasty ruled the country for 289 years, from A.D. 618, when the Tang Dynasty was established until A.D. 907. The Tang Dynasty was overthrown by Juwen. The Tang Dynasty was divided into two periods following the rebellion of Anlushan and the media. Siming The first period was a period of prosperity. The latter was a declining period: Emperor Tang Gaozu established the Tang dynasty, Li Shimin, son of Emperor Gaozhu Tang, led an army to unite China ten years after the Xianwumen Gate event. Li Shimin ascended to the throne as Emperor Taizhong Tang. Emperor Taizong of the Tang emperor ruled the country so vigorously that the Tang dynasty had an unprecedented prosperity. He was at the forefront of the world at that time in politics, economy, culture and other fields, which was called the "Prosperous Period of the Chen Guan Reign". Prosperous in the reign of Kaiyuan people have wealth but after a while Towards the end of Tang Xuanzong's reign, the An Lu Shan and the Siming Rebellion arose. from now on The Tang Dynasty was gradually deteriorating. during the dynasty

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