Japanese TV Series


May 28, 2022

Japanese television series (Japanese: テレビドラマ; Romachi: Terebi Dorama), in Japan it is often called Dorama (Japanese: ドラマ; Romachi: Dorama) or popularly known in Thailand as Japanese series It is a television series in Japanese or produced in Japan that is regularly broadcast on major television stations such as NHK, TV Asahi, Nippon TV, TBS TV and Fuji TV. There are 15 episodes and only one season. Some of the manga or novels are adapted into TV series. In addition, the story focuses on solving problems at work, family, school, or love of the main characters. Japanese TV dramas with a love triangle theme usually have a main audience of housewives, or if the characters are young, their main audience is young people. But on the other hand, the main characters who are widowed or divorced are rare.


The first recorded Japanese television drama was Yugemae (Japanese: 夕餉前; ). Romaji: Yūgemae), broadcast by NHK in April 1940, was only about 12 minutes long because the camera's very low light sensitivity required the actors to shoot under heat from a large number of lights Coupled with the limited broadcast time at that time, it made it a shorter length. Written by Harube Ima, it tells the simple story of a son and two daughters waiting for their mother to come back for dinner together. After the broadcast ends Communications Minister Masanori Katsu called the broadcaster's room to order a repeat broadcast, he said.