October 20, 2021

Satanism is a broad term referring to a large social movement with various ideologies and philosophical beliefs. The common feature is a symbolic connection or faith in Satan. which Satanists see as an image of liberation. Before that, it was a secret organization. It officially began in 1966 as The Satanic Church. In 1990, it is estimated that there are 50,000 Satan worshipers, and possibly up to 100,000 worldwide. Believing in God vs Non-believing in God

Atheist Satanism

It's a traditional satanic cult. Emphasis on demon sacrifice Worshiping the god Lucifer Kashper

Atheist Satanism

rather towards agnosticism The Satanic Church falls into this category. by focusing on individuality, natural laws, autonomous Related articles The US government recognizes the 'Satan Church' as ​​an official religious organization. with legal protection . Among the many alternative religions In addition to the mainstream religion One of them included The Satanic Temple, or the satanic church of people who believed and believed in Santana. which has recently been certified by the government . It is reported that the IRS (International Revenue Service) or the US IRS. It has been announced that The Satanic Temple is an official religious organization. which means It is an organization that will be protected by law. Including having to have a tax burden with the government as well. . What will The Satanic Temple gain from this change? is a legal right, such as suing the court in the event of insulting

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