nazi regime


October 18, 2021

National Socialism (German: Nationalsozialismus), commonly abbreviated as Nazi, is the ideology and position of the German National Socialist Party and the Third Reich. It is classified as a political ideology of the same type as Fascist if the factors of scientific racialism and Semitic prejudice are involved. The Nazis had the appearance of a coordinated political perspective. Integration Policy Tactics and philosophies from both left- and right-wing political ideologies. In practice, the Nazis were considered extreme-right ideologies. The Nazis claimed that Germans were the most civilized race. They claim that Germany's survival as a great nation in this modern era required the creation of a new world order. It was a European empire that would provide the German nation with the vast territories, resources and population growth necessary to compete with other powers both economically and militaryly. The Nazis claimed the Jews were a serious threat. The most civilized German race They consider the Jews to be a persecuting race that attaches itself to other ideologies and movements to maintain their own survival, such as intellectualization, liberalism, democracy, parliamentary, capitalism, industrialization, Marxism and trade unions to Save Germany from the effects of the Great Depression. Nazis offered a third position in the economy. which is an economic system under management which is neither capitalism nor communist The Nazis blamed the communists and

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