teachers day


October 19, 2021

national teacher's day It is an important day to remember the importance of teachers. Most of the countries are holidays for teachers and students. Some have celebrations to honor and host parties for teachers. Teacher's Day is celebrated differently in different countries. and different from world teachers day Celebrated on October 5th each year, the idea of ​​celebrating Teacher's Day originated in a number of 20th-century countries. or held on a day of important educational events (for example Since 1915, Argentina has mourned the death of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento on September 11, while India has celebrated the birthday of Dr. Sarapally Radhakrit. on September 5th (since 1962), which is the main reason different countries have different dates for Teacher's Day. and different from the international teacher's day

Teacher's Day in Thailand

On November 21, 1956, the Council of Ministers passed a resolution designing January 16 of every year as Teacher's Day of Thailand. Directly with the date of the announcement of the Teacher Act in the Government Gazette in 1945, which specifies that there is a council in the Ministry of Education called "Teachers Council", which is a juristic person for all teachers to be members of the Teachers Council of Thailand. It is responsible for teaching professional institutions, while also providing opinions on education policies and general education subjects to the Ministry of Education, controlling ethics and discipline of teachers to protect their interests. promote the position of teachers Provide welfare for teachers and families receive reasonable assistance To promote the knowledge and unity of teachers for this reason every year

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