national day


December 3, 2021

National Day is a day that is set to celebrate the nation's nationality. It is often considered a national holiday. National Day is usually the day of the founding of a state or territory, or the founding of a country. or the date of independence in the state In addition, a day of historical or religious significance may also be used as a national day. Some states consider the birthday of a head of state as a national day. especially a state with a monarch as head of state In the case of changing the head of state, the national day is also changed. Or maybe some other historically important date in general? Most countries have only one national day in a year, but some nations, such as Pakistan, have more than one national day. In addition, China's SARs, such as Hong Kong and Macau, celebrate the founding date of the SAR. and celebrated on the national day of china as well The importance of National Day varies from country to country. Some consider it very important. Some are not very important, such as in France. and the United States There will be a great celebration While England did not fight to celebrate with much pomp. In addition, the national day in some countries may change according to important events.


As usual, the "National Day" events of various countries There will be different activities and formats such as speeches. Celebrating a parade fireworks including various theatrical performances

National Day of different countries

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Greece falls on March 25 Cambodia falls on 9 November. Guatemala falls on September 15th. Qatar falls on December 18 Ghana

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