Cuban Missile Crisis


October 18, 2021

The Cuban Missle Crisis is a military confrontation between the United States. with the Soviet Union and Cuba on the other side At a time when the Cold War was in tension until it almost turned into an atomic war. The Russians called the incident the Caribbean Crisis. Cubans call it the October Crisis. This incident was one of the major confrontations in the Cold War besides the siege of Berlin. The confrontation began on October 14, 1962, when photographs taken by a U.S. U-2 observation plane. revealing the missile launch pad being built in Cuba Under the rule of Fidel Castro in retaliation for building a US missile base on the border of Turkey and the Soviet Union. The United States has imposed quarantine measures. Sent warships to siege Cuba. All cargo ships were banned from entering Caribbean waters on October 23, 1962, following a fierce diplomatic confrontation. On October 28, 1962, both US President John A. F. Kennedy and Soviet Prime Minister Nikita Khrushchev both agreed to withdraw their atomic weapons from Turkey and Cuba respectively. At the request of U Thant, who was then the UN secretary-general at the time,

Behind the scenes

The United States that feared the expansion of Soviet communism. but for Latin American countries Open friendship with the Soviet Union was seen as unacceptable. making the United States and the Soviet Union an enemy since the end of

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