Thai Wikipedia


October 19, 2021

Thai Wikipedia is the Thai version of Wikipedia. An online encyclopedia site, the content is free and open for anyone to edit. The website is operated by the Wikimedia Foundation and was launched on December 25, 2003. In September 2021, the Thai Wikipedia has 141,152 articles, being the largest Wikipedia. 56 Thai Wikipedia is paragraphed in accordance with the nature of Thai documents. Unlike other languages ​​of Wikipedia.



On January 7, 2011, there was news that Juti Krairiksh, Minister of Information and Communication Technology, said that CAT has been assigned to Telecommunications brought 10.7 million baht to hire to translate 3 million English Wikipedia articles into Thai. By using Statistical Machine Translation technology, the translated content is on October 11, 2012 dtac launched Wikipedia Zero which is free. It was first launched at the Education Expo for Teacher Professional Development (Educa 2012) on April 27, 2014. dtac launched an activity "Increase knowledge for Thai society with Wikipedia" invites staff to translate English Wikipedia articles into Thai language. The goal is to help create 5,000 Thai articles and more than 10,000 volunteer hours. Thaweetham Limpanupap, Wikipedia Volunteer Coordinator in Thailand, said that the Thai Wikipedia has very few articles when Compared to Wikipedia in other languages and most of the articles were short and incomplete. In addition, there were very few volunteers compared to the population with Internet access. The increasing number of volunteers will allow Thai Wikipedia to manage its content to be of the same quality as the Wikipedia in Thailand.

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