October 20, 2021

Several sources of news on Wikipedia can be found. and the Wikimedia Foundation, which supports the project. and other related Wikimedia projects


Wikipedia:Announcement Important Wikipedia-related announcements. Wikipedia:Wikipedia friends Mentioning Wikipedia by linking to Wikipedia. and use it as a reference

Wikimedia News announcements within the Wikimedia community sent as emails to the announce-l mailing list. Wikimedia News Cross-project news Most of them are reporting on the progress of the project. Wikimedia goings-on news across more projects Wikimedia technical blog Admin server log Technical software/hardware news

Wikimedia Foundation

Wikimedia Foundation news Wikimedia Foundation news international non-profit organization which is dedicated to stimulating growth Developing and distributing a large number of Wikimedia projects. Wikimedia blog

Other news sources

There are also news sources on Wikipedia and its sister projects, where articles on current events and the latest world news are written using Wikimedia software.

Wikipedia news content

Substation: Current Affairs news stories

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