Wikipedia:Your first article.


October 20, 2021

This page is not an article writing site, please use the writing trial page. Welcome to Wikipedia! You may have edited your blog or social media before. And you may have edited some of our other articles. But now you want to start a new article on Wikipedia from scratch. First of all, please understand that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. And our mission is to share accepted knowledge for the benefit of those who study. "Acceptable knowledge" can be obtained from high quality published resources. We are referring to famous publishers. high quality newspaper or a literature review in a scientific journal Anything you remember from somewhere else but there is no evidence, we reject it. We have some tips to help you with your first article. These issues are further explained below.

Search for existing articles

We already have 141,609 articles. Try to make sure that no one else has written it. which may use different names for you to find articles And check Wikipedia's article naming convention before creating an article. If you already have an article on your topic But you think that people are likely to search for articles using a different title or spelling? Learn how to add a redirect to a new title. Also, keep in mind that it's important to check the article deletion log to avoid creating a previously deleted article. You can't find your article after searching. Consider expanding your search to include original articles that might include your article title. You might search for that band first. and add information about your subject as part of

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