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October 19, 2021

January - February - March - April - May - June - July - August - September - October - November - December Today is Tuesday, October 19, 2021 at 07:17 October 1: National Day in the People's Republic of China (1949); Independence Day in Cyprus and Nigeria (1960), Tuvalu (1978) and Palau (1994) A.D. 213 (331 B.C.) – Alexander the Great of Macedon (pictured) defeats Emperor Darius III of Persia in the Battle of Cocamila. 1891 – Stanford University was founded by railroad tycoon and California governor Leland Stanford and his wife, Jane, on their former farm land. in Palo Alto california officially open 1949 – Chinese Civil War: Communist Party leader Mao Zedong proclaims the founding of the People's Republic of China. 1964 – Tokaido Shinkansen Japan's first high-speed Shinkansen line open for service 1971 – The Walt Disney World Resort opened. The largest and most visited resort in the world. close to orlando Florida State See Also: September 30 – October 1 – October 2 watch - Discuss - Edit - History October 2: Independence Day in Guinea (1958) 1535 – French explorer Jacques Cartier (pictured) takes a cruise on the St. Lawrence River. led to the discovery of indigenous settlements on the island of what is now Montreal. 1925 – John Logie Baird, Scottish inventor The first television image can be successfully transmitted. 1928 – José Maria Escreba de Balagher, a Spanish clergyman, founded the Opus Dei Order. Organization of the Catholic Church around the world that teaches that everyone can be a saint. 1941 (1941) – Songkran

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