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January 24, 2022

January - February - March - April - May - June - July - August - September - October - November - December Today is Tuesday, January 25, 2022 at 12:28 a.m. January 1: New Year's Day (Gregorian calendar); Independence Day in Brunei (1984), Haiti (1864), Samoa (1962) and Sudan (1956). 1800 – Italian astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi discovered Ceres (pictured), the first dwarf planet. 1957 – Offenses against the Thai King were corrected, making "insulting" an offense. And classified as an offense against national security after the "Criminal Code of 1956" came into force. 1959 – Fulkencio Batista, President of Cuba fled to the Dominican Republic when being under Fidel Castro captures Havana It marked the end of the Cuban Revolution. 1995 – The World Trade Organization was established. An international organization designed to regulate and liberalize international trade. instead of the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs 2011 – A bomb explodes at a Coptic Christian church in Alexandria. Egypt 23 dead, see more: December 31 - January 1 - January 2 watch - Discuss - Edit - History 2 January: 909 A.D. 366) – Chon Alamanni, a West German tribal alliance. Many crossed the icy Rhine to attack the Western Roman Empire. 1592 – Reconquista ceases to exist under Queen Isabel I of Castilla and Fernando II of Aragonmi. Victory over the army of Sultan Mohammed XII of Granada, the last Moorish ruler. 1959 – Soviet spacecraft Luna 1 (pictured), the first spacecraft to approach the halo of the moon.

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