October 18, 2021

A substation is a page in Wikipedia that is like a "main page", focused on making it easier for readers to find information on Wikipedia. It is like a specialized encyclopedia. It's different from a typical wiki project. The substations are designed for readers and editors alike. While the wiki project is focused solely on contributors. The substation is the starting point of the content, which is linked directly from the main page and has more readers than any other page. Contributions to each substation are no different than the others on Wikipedia, which can be edited by anyone. which changes to the main content may be discussed first At the same time, some stations may not be updated for a long time, which everyone can work together to improve. The substations on Wikipedia were first used on the Polish Wikipedia and the German Wikipedia. and began to be used on the English Wikipedia and the Thai Wikipedia respectively. After being widely used, the program developers have set up a special page title, noticeable from the prefix "Substation:" that will appear on each page different from the general article.

List of Substations

Currently, Wikipedia Thai has a total of 55 substations, namely:

Build a Substation

Substations can be created by anyone just like any other page on Wikipedia. The name of the substation starts with Substation: and is followed by the desired substation name, for example Substation:Thailand or Substation:Japanese Cartoon. The layout of the substation does not have a specific format. The content and format should be useful, well-designed to read without confusion, and support the authors of Wikipedia. By nature

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