Wikipedia:A free, editable encyclopedia


October 18, 2021

This page explains the meaning of the phrase. free encyclopedia that anyone can edit that appears on the main page


in encyclopedic articles An encyclopedia is a short story written for summarizing knowledge from all disciplines or from one field of study.


The term "free" here refers to free content, meaning that any content available on Wikipedia can be exploited. or modified in any form And when you submit your writing to Wikipedia, you also agree to be published on that will. (Read details of the law at Wikipedia:Creative Commons License Text Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0 Original) The word liberty does not mean liberty, it means to do anything. Because Wikipedia has rules, customs, and writing standards that must be upheld. See the example at Wikipedia:Policies and Guidelines and Wikipedia:Writing Guide. Repeated wrongdoings would be prohibited from further correction.

Anyone can edit it

The phrase "everyone can edit" means that Wikipedia is open to anyone to edit in most articles. However, there are some pages that are locked from editing because they are harassed or edited endlessly. Still, you can suggest bugs that you want to fix through the request process. (Look in the template when trying to edit a locked page.) Before the first edit, read Wikipedia:Instructions. And before creating your first article, read Wikipedia:your first article.


The phrase "all-editable free encyclopedia" means that it is a condensed version of knowledge that can be exploited or modified. by being open to revising or proposing a solution

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