video game


August 19, 2022

Video game (English: video game) is an electronic game machine in which humans use the user interface (user interface) to input the action (Central Processor Unit) inside the machine to calculate. and then display the dialog back. Light-sound-vibration-or image on screen Video The term video in video games originally meant a raster display device. But now it can be used to call any display device that produces a two-dimensional or three-dimensional image. For example, a personal computer and video game consoles These devices are possible since mainframe computers. to small mobile devices Specialized video games such as arcade games were widespread in the past. But now, gradually becoming less and less used, video games have evolved into an industry and art. The input devices used to control video games are called "input devices". Game controllers vary in different types of consoles. For example, a controller may consist of just a button and a joystick, or there may be up to ten buttons. And there may be more than one joystick. Early personal computer games required keyboards to play games. or require users to purchase joysticks with at least one push button. Many modern computer games offer or require players to use a keyboard alongside a mouse. The most common game controllers are gamepads, mice, keyboards, and joysticks. in these many years There are additional input methods such as Allowing the player to observe the player using the camera. and touch screen systems on mobile phones Video games generally use