December 3, 2021

Salahuddin al-Ayyub, also known in the West as Saladin, has the full Arabic name Salahuddin Yusuf ibn Ayyub, sometimes referred to as Alma. Lig al-Nasir Salahuddin Yusuf was born 1137 in Tikrit (modern-day Iraq) and died on 4 March 1193 in Damascus. He was one of the most famous Muslim rulers and a Muslim sultan who ruled Egypt, Syria, Yemen and Palestine and was the founder of the Ayubian dynasty. In the war against the Crusades invasion Salahuddin achieved a final success by recapturing Jerusalem on October 2, 1187, ending 88 years of Frankish occupation. Salahuddin was born into a Kurdish family. On the night of his birth, his father, Najmuddin Ayyub, gathered his family to travel to Aleppo to serve Imaddin Sangki, a powerful Ottoman ruler in central Syria. above He grew up in Baalbagh and Damascus. But Salahuddin was initially more interested in religion than military training. He formally started his career as an officer of his uncle, Azaddudin Shirkuh, a key military commander of Prince Nuruddin, his son and heir to Sangi. Salahuddin gained experience in battle during three wartime expeditions to Egypt under Shirkuh to prevent Crusaders invasion. He therefore had a policy of promoting the growth and spread of Muslim institutions. He supported Islamic scholars and missionaries. Established science

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