August 13, 2022

Buddhism or Buddhism (Pali: Buddhasasana, Sanskrit: बुद्धशासना Buddhism) is an atheist religion that is more than 2,500 years old. It is the world's fourth most admired religion, mostly living in Asia with Buddha as a prophet. There is a dharma that His Highness self-enlightened. and preached as an important doctrine. There are monks (bhikkhus and nuns) who decide to be ordained in order to study and practice according to the teachings, dharma-discipline of the Master. in order to attain the goal of nirvana and create a sangha It is a community to inherit the teachings of the Buddha, collectively known as the Triple Gem 1. In addition, in Buddhism It also contains teachings for living a good life. For those who have not yet been ordained (layman - upasaka and upasika), which if included the type of person who respects and studies and practices according to the teachings of the Master Then it can be classified into 4 types: bhikkhu, bhikkhuni, upasaka, upasika, also known as the Buddha company 4. Buddhism is an atheist religion. deny the existence of a god or creator and believe in human potential that everyone can develop mentally to become a complete human being. with their perseverance, that is, Buddhism teaches people to inspire their own lives. As a result of one's actions, according to the law of karma, it does not come from begging from God and sacred things outside the body, that is, to rely on oneself in order to get oneself out of the pile of suffering. The aim is to teach human beings to be free from all suffering in the world. How to create wisdom in living with suffering knowingly as it really is. The ultimate purpose of religion is to break free from all suffering and the cycle of rebirth.