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May 28, 2022

A space station (English: Space station) is a structure designed by humans. to be used as a living space in space in low orbit (LEO) international space station (International Space Station) or ISS is a laboratory in the sky that orbits the Earth at a distance of 410 km, moving at a speed of 27,744 km / hour, orbiting the Earth once, takes 92 minutes, created with the cooperation of 16 countries, including the United States, Russia, Japan, Canada, France. Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, England, Switzerland, Norway and Brazil, with the aim of conducting research and experiments in various fields of science, including astronomy, meteorology, materials science, biology, chemistry and physics. Scientists can therefore experiment or invent new products. which cannot be performed on the surface of the earth Therefore, the ISS is very important to the future of humanity.

Type of space station


no assembly required


transport parts into space, for example, the Mir space station. international space station

List of space stations

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Space Station Canceled Project

Skylab B Space Station (Skylab B) Mirto space station (Mir II) (currently participating in the ISS program) Freedom space station (Currently participating in the ISS project)