King Uthumphon


October 18, 2021

King Uthumphon (Burma Chronicle calls Sura Prathum Racha) was the fifth monarch of the Ban Plu Luang dynasty. is the son of His Majesty the King and had the name Khun Luang Ha Wat King Uthumphon has held the rank of the Department of the Bowon Sathan Mongkhon Palace. At the end of the reign of His Majesty the King He was the mother of the reconstruction of Phra Mahathat. after the death of his father Prince Uthumphon therefore received the throne for a short time. He built a temple called Wat Uthumpraram or Wat Chao Dok Dua and please restore the roof of the Phra Phutthabat Two layers of gold clad. Somdej Uthumphon abdicated the throne and went to ordain. Until the war, King Alongphaya raised his army to attack Ayutthaya, so he left the monks to help the battle. Then returned to enlightenment again until Ayutthaya was broken. therefore were forcibly taken to Inwa with the prisoners of Ayutthaya when arriving in Inwa He was ordained and stayed at Wat Yetapan. south of Inwa Until moving the capital to Amarapura in 1780, he went to stay at Amarapura. Until his death in 1796 B.E. In addition, it is believed that the stupa was found at the Lan Xang Mausoleum, Amarapura, Mandalay, Myanmar. There are also Burmese chronicles recorded from the statements of him and Thai prisoners in Burma. The book was found in the Royal Palace of Mandalay, titled "Khun Luang Ha Wat", and found a village around the present-day Mandalay city called "Mintasu", which means "like a prince." "The modern view sees that Ayutthaya was broken because His Highness did not

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