Mokkhaplaram Park


December 3, 2021

Mokkhaplaram Park or officially known as Wat Than Nam Lai Along Highway No. 41 at kilometer 134, Chaiya District, Surat Thani Province In order to be a place of dharma practice and a place for spreading Buddhism that is famous all over the world, Than Buddhadasa or Phra Maha Ngeam at that time, along with his brother Yom, Mr. Yi Keey or Virtue Tas Panich, and friends in the Dharma Faculty Approximately 4-5 people are aware of the determination that is committed to practicing the Dharma. Following in the footsteps of your arahant, everyone is willing. to support with faith by taking them out to find a place which they think is secluded and suitable to be a place to practice dharma following in the footsteps of the Arahant After exploring for about a month, they found an abandoned temple with an area of ​​about 60 rai, named Wat Traphang Chik, which had been abandoned for a long time. The area was overgrown forest with a large pond, which was rumored to be home to vicious ghosts. Satisfied, the aforementioned lay people built a shelter behind the old Buddha image which was the principal Buddha image in that abandoned temple. This abandoned temple on May 12, 1932, which coincides with Visakha Bucha Day, with only two or three more books, atthabrikan lamps and books with him, went in to stay for a few days, this abandoned temple, Nam Traphangchik, was renamed. which you see In the area near the accommodation, there are Mok trees and Phala trees. therefore thought to add the two words to add new To have meaning in the Dharma, therefore, the word Suan Mokkhaplaram, which means a forest garden, is the power of liberation from suffering. in the world since then


Buddhadasa Bhikku returned to

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