Fourth universal


October 20, 2021

The Fourth International (FI) is a revolutionary socialist international organization made up of followers of Leon Trotsky (also known as Trotskyist), whose objectives openly include the overthrow of world capitalism and the establishment of world socialism through revolution. word The Fourth International was established in France in 1938 when the latter was expelled from the USSR. Trotsky and his followers saw the Third World, or Comintern, as a puppet of Stalinism. Therefore, it cannot lead the working class around the world to have political power. Trotsky cultists then formed their own organization to compete today. There is no single, tightly integrated, unified organization of the Fourth Universal. Throughout most of the organization's existence and history The Fourth Universal, being hunted by officials of the People's Ministry of Internal Affairs (NKVD), was politically repressed in countries such as France and the United States. and was rejected by Soviet supporters as The fourth international "unjustified claimant" struggled to maintain contact under the collapse and suppression of World War II. This was due to the fact that subsequent proletariat uprisings were often under the influence of Stalinists and militant nationalists who joined the Soviet Union. This led to a setback for the Fourth International and the Trotskyist. It was no longer a significant influence, but in many parts of the world, including Latin America, Europe and Asia, large Trotskyist blocs have attracted anti-cultist stances. Stalin and the protection of proletariat internationalism In these groups, the number of

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