August 19, 2022

Airline is an air freight service for passengers traveling and cargo. The airline also leases or owns their aircraft, in which to provide these services and may partner or partner with another airline for mutual benefit. Generally, the airline company is recognized with a certificate of operation. air or license issued by the state aviation body Airlines differ from those with single mail carrying an aircraft or cargo ship through hundreds of full-service international aircraft carriers. Airline services can be categorized as continental, intra-continental, national, regional or international and may be operated scheduled or chartered services. The airlines are diverse. Since being a single plane that transports mail or cargo to a full service international level with hundreds of planes Airline services may fly between continents, within continents or within the country itself. There are two types of major airlines which are Passenger Airlines and Cargo Airlines.

Passenger airline

passenger airline As an airline to transport passengers, the airline usually operates the fleet of passenger aircraft rather than outright ownership is often leased from commercial aircraft sales and Leasing companies such as GECAS and ILFC are divided into four sub-categories: Premium airlines or full service airlines (Full-service airlines) are full-service airlines. according to international standards around the world, which has a first class Business class and economy class on planes, but