October 18, 2021

An encyclopedia is an abbreviated subject written for gathering knowledge from all disciplines or from one field of study. An encyclopedia is divided into articles or lists, usually in alphabetical order, of article titles. and perhaps categorized according to the theme Each article in an encyclopedia is often longer and more detailed than a dictionary. In other words, an encyclopedia article focuses on facts about a topic, unlike dictionaries that tend to focus on linguistic information about terms such as meaning, reading, usage, and grammatical form. British Encyclopedia (Encyclopædia Britannica) The oldest published encyclopedia in the world. The first edition was published in English between 1768–1771 in Edinburgh, Scotland, where it is now published and sold on CD. An encyclopedia can be a general story. As it appears in the famous encyclopedia. British Encyclopedia in English and Brockhaus Encyclopedia in German. or an encyclopedia may be a specific story such as An encyclopedia of medicine, history, philosophy, or perhaps an encyclopedia that covers the content of a region, country or group, and while some encyclopedias are intended for specific audiences. like an encyclopedia for youth to have content that is easy to read and easy to understand An encyclopedia uses two types of topic arrangements, namely, by character and by content group. In today's era, with the development of technology, encyclopedias have been used to store in a new way, including sorting information. For example, the Wikipedia and H2 projects.

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