May 28, 2022

Slang (English: slang) is a word or expression that is understood by a specific group or for a period of time. It's not an accepted language.

Slang Examples

Dek Waen means a young man who likes to accelerate his motorcycle to make loud noises. Skoy refers to a teenage girl who rides on the back of a child's motorcycle in a caressing manner. Usually wears very short jeans. Dek Sil or Deek Siew refers to those who have passed the university entrance exams. Change to take entrance examinations to other departments, other faculties, or other universities, from the word fossil Pussy is a girl's secret. Troll: A person who exhibits harassing, aggressive behavior, most often a teenager. and is often used in social media A person who is incompetent, not very good at it, is not good at it, is not a beginner, is a beginner, is often used in the game industry. Ting refers to teenage girls who like Korean or K-pop artists very much. Longan, meaning annoyed, was the most popular term among teenagers in 2017, with 39.44 percent gaining in popularity. Jung Bei means Jung in the language of youth.


Other Resources

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