Manchester United Football Club in the 2016–17 season


December 3, 2021

The 2016–17 season of Manchester United Football Club was Manchester United's 25th season in the Premier League. And it's their 42nd season in the top division of English football. Likewise They will also compete in two domestic football cups. FA Cup and League Cup

Pre-season and friendly matches

Manchester United have pre-announced their 2016–17 season tour in China. and Wayne's testimonial date. Rooney between Manchester United and Everton at Old Trafford on 3 August, with the season concluding with Michael's testimonial. Carrick on June 4 between United's players. The 2008 European Football Championship doubles and All-Star team will be personally selected by Carrick, both teams managed by Sir Alex Ferguson and Harry Redknapp, First time being a manager of Carrick as a professional footballer.

FA Community Shield

Due to the result of the winning match in the FA Cup 2016, Manchester United is scheduled to meet Leicester City, 2015–16 Premier League winners, in their 30th appearance in the competition. FA Community Shield. Manchester United Win the match to confirm their 21st Community Shield charity plaque (one of which consists of four division championships).

Premier League

Premier League season It will be played on Saturday 13 August and will conclude on Sunday 21 May.

FA Cup

Manchester United enter the FA Cup in the third round with other clubs in the premier league as well as

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