Li Cheng


January 24, 2022

Li Cheng (Chinese: 李克用; Pinyin: Lǐ Kèyòng) (24 October 856 - 24 February 908) was a Shatuo (Jiedushi) regency during the late Tang Dynasty. And it was the key to the development of Shatuo's power base, now Shanxi Province in China. His son, Li Cunxu (Emperor Zhuangzong), was the founder of the latter Tang Dynasty. which was the first of the dynasties to conquer many dynasties in China


Li Zheng, although he originally had the Zhuye surname, was born in AD 856 during the reign of Emperor Tang Xuanzong. His father was Shatuo Chieftain Zhuye Chixin, who at that time lived in the Shenwu River (神武川, flowing through modern Shuozhou, Shanxi Region). His mother was Lady Qin, and it was unclear if she was Zhuye Chixin's wife or concubine. He was the third son of Zhuye Chixin.


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