January 24, 2022

Anime or anime (Japanese: アニメ; Romachi: anime) refers to animated content that is hand-drawn or computer graphics from Japan. The word anime is a Japanese word (アニメ) which is adapted from the English word animation, which comes from the French animé, meaning to move. or animation But it has become a specific word in the Japanese language. which is used to convey all forms of animated media outside Japan Anime refers to Japanese animated films. Or an animated film that has the same artistic identity as an animated film produced in Japan. Most of the anime are drawn by hand. But nowadays computers are widely used to create anime. For the most part, anime is a medium created for entertainment like movies. The story is adapted from various types of literature, both novels. or from the media, comic books, manga This allows anime to have a wide variety of plots and cover almost every literary genre. including the type of pornography. Anime is often created in episodes for weekly television broadcasts. Part of it was made into a full-length animated film to be shown in cinemas. And another part is made into episodes for direct sale in DVD, VCD or video format, which is a specific episode that hasn't aired called OVA (Original Video Animation) and currently has content that is distributed directly through The Internet is also called ONA (Original Net Animation). There are also anime adapted into television dramas. There are currently around 500 anime being created in Japan.

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