Ashita, Mamagaini


May 28, 2022

Ashita, Mamaga Inai (Japanese: 明日、ママがいない; "There will be no mother tomorrow") is a Japanese television series. broadcast on Nippon TV From January 15th to March 12th, 2014, it starred Mana Ashida and Rio Suzuki, who became famous for the television dramas Mother (2010) and Woman (2013), respectively. Nine episodes of children living in orphanages were broadcast and averaged 12.85% in the Kanto Ashita, Mamaga Inai region, receiving criticism for portraying the lives of orphans. unreasonable by the Japanese welfare organization


Maki Watanabe, aged 9, was left in an orphanage named Kogamonoie (コガモの家, "duck house") after her mother was arrested for unintentional assault. Here she found the post. Girls were abandoned at birth in baby hatches while other children were abandoned by parents or rested due to child abuse or neglect. The orphanage is run by retired detective Tomonori Sasaki, who looks eccentric as a violent butler. Every week, Tomonori organizes a trial of living with a foster family where the children make their choices. self-parenting according to each person's preferences children in nurseries Live with them for 1-2 days and decide if they want to be adopted or not. Children living in Sasaki's orphanage face social discrimination and trauma after being abandoned at the orphanage. While most of the children waited for hope to be adopted