Sattahip District


August 19, 2022

Sattahip is a district of Chonburi Province. It is located about 85 kilometers from the city of Chonburi. The importance of Sattahip is the city of a naval base and is the largest naval base in Thailand.

Location and Territory

Sattahip District is the southernmost district of Chonburi Province. having a territory adjacent to the following neighboring areas North connects to Bang Lamung District. The east connects to Ban Chang District. (Rayong Province) South to the Gulf of Thailand West to the Gulf of Thailand


There is a story that During the reign of King Rama 5 and King Rama 6, Sattahip was just a seaside village. The villagers are engaged in farming, farming, forestry, and fishing. Transportation is by waterways by buses or sailing boats. As for land, there is only a wagon route. There is no road to Chonburi. Most of the terrain is still dense forest. Traveling between cities is mainly by boat. in the village of Sattahip There is one person who is highly respected by the villagers. The villagers called him "Yai Chaeng". She had a wealth of land, boats, plantations, a lot of rice fields, Sattahip Market, Nong Takhian and Sing Samut School, as well as Khao Laem Thian, where the current Sattahip Naval Base was now hers. Later, when Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak trained in the sea sector with his fleet and stayed at Sattahip Bay. He saw that Sattahip Bay was suitable as a location for a ship unit. because there are small islands to protect the wind and waves He therefore told the intention to use Laem Thian Mountain as a location for the Naval Unit. Grandma Jang was happy to offer it. Many people commented that "Sattahip" means "seven chests", "cases" means chests, so the word "Sattahip" probably means "seven chests", which corresponds to the legend and history of [Goddess Laem Thian] that has brought