August 19, 2022

Internet (English: Internet) refers to a large computer network. There is a connection between many networks around the world. Using a language used to communicate between computers called protocols, users of this network can communicate with each other in many ways, such as e-mail, web forums, and can search for information and news, including copying them. Data files and programs are available.


The Internet was born in 1969 with the emergence of ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork), a network of advanced research project offices of the Department of Defense. united states The main objective of network building is so that the computer can connect and interact with each other. ARPANET is the first network. which later developed into a network internet today

Internet Applications

The application of the Internet today can be done in a variety of ways, such as electronic mail or e-mail, chat (chat), read or comment on web forums, follow news, search for information / search for information, view or buy products online, Downloading games, music, data files, etc., tracking information, movies, entertainment programs online, playing computer games online, learning online. (e-learning), video conference, Internet telephony (VoIP), data uploading, etc. The latest trend in the use of the Internet is the use of the Internet as a social networking site.