May 28, 2022

Israel (English: Israel; Hebrews: יששׂרשאֵל‎; Arabic: إِسِرَائِيل‎), officially known as the State of Israel (English: State of Israel; Hebrews: מדד ינמת יבשׂראֵל‎; Arab: دَوْلَة إِسِرَائِيل‎) is a country in the Middle East on the southeast coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the north coast of the Red Sea. It has a land border with Lebanon to the north. Northeastern Syria Eastern Jordan The West Bank and the Gaza Strip of Palestine to the east and west respectively. and Egypt in the southwest Despite its relatively small territory, Israel has a diverse landscape. Tel Aviv is the economic and technological center of the country. The state's founding and proclaimed capital is Jerusalem. Although state sovereignty over Jerusalem is not universally recognized, the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah were born during the Iron Age. The New Assyrian Empire destroyed Israel around 720 B.C.E. Judah was subsequently conquered by the Babylonian Empire. Persian and Hellenistic Conquest And existed as an autonomous Jewish province, the Maccabean Revolt succeeded in creating the Hasmonean Kingdom, which became independent 110 B.C., but in 63 B.C. became a satellite state of the Roman Republic, which later formed the Herodian dynasty in 37 BC and 6 BC the Roman province of Judea was established. Judea was a Roman province until an unsuccessful Jewish rebellion led to widespread destruction. expulsion of the Jewish population and changing the name of the region from Judea to Syria Palaestina. There have been some Jews in the region for centuries. In the 7th century Arab